Cat goes viral thanks to white ‘eyebrows’ giving him resting bitch face

This cat’s eyebrows have won him an army of Instagram followers

We would like to introduce you to Cornelius Cornbread – a gentleman from Nashville Tennessee with an unfortunate brow situation.

The four-year-old cat has bold white ‘eyebrows’ on his forehead, which give him permanent resting bitch face.

But Cornelius probably doesn’t mind, as they have become his claim to fame.

The Bombay feline, who is described as ‘sassy, stylish and Southern’ on his Instagram page, has become immensely popular with cat lovers across the globe. – and it’s all thanks to his unusual look.

‘The “eyebrows” are formed by the white skin revealed through the thinner area of black fur in his brow area,’ said Karen, who adds that Cornelius has had them since he was a kitten.

‘The combination of the sparse black “brow” hair and the unique rounded shape of the white skin showing through make him appear to have well-groomed eyebrows.

‘His brows are most definitely on fleek.’

Karen first started sharing snaps of Cornelius in 2018, and he has racked up several thousand followers.

‘Such a dapper fella,’ one person complimnented the cat.

‘He looks like a true gentlecat,’ wrote someone else.

‘Humans would pay for brows like yours,’ added another person.

But while Cornelius might look a little cranky, he is anything but.

Karen said: ‘Cornelius has a big personality and loves to be at the centre of the attention, but he’s also a sweet, affectionate cat.

‘He loves following us around, curling up on our laps or snuggling up next to us, and unlike many cats, he enjoys being held and carried.

‘Bombay cats are nicknamed “velcro cats” because they are so clingy, and Cornelius is no exception.

‘He can be very needy, he does not like to be left alone or ignored, and gets very anxious when he thinks I’m going to leave home without him.’